Employer Review Questions


If you provide employment references they will be interviewed by email. We will ask them the following questions and their responses will appear on your VerifiedHire Profile.


1. Employment references will be asked to verify your Job Title and Employment Period:


Job Title:  ○ True    ○ False


Employment Period:  ○ True    ○ False


2. Employment references will be asked if they would re-hire and recommend you:


Would you re-hire?  ○ Yes    ○ No


Do you recommend?  ○ Yes    ○ No


3. Employment references will be asked to rate the following:


Work Ethic


Quality of Work




Communication Skills






4. Finally, employment references will be asked to provide a written review:


Your references are free to write whatever they want in this section. We will recommend they write about:

  • Why they are recommending you?

  • What your task, duties, or responsibilities were?

  • What your accomplishments or achievements were?

  • What your strengths, skills, talents, and abilities are?

  • How you compare to other employees in similar positions?