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Who We Are


VerifiedHire is a professional reference network, where professionals can share their college transcripts and employer reviews with their potential employers and fellow colleagues instantly.


What We Sell


Each VerifiedHire member receives The VerifiedHire Seal & Profile:























The VerifiedHire Seal

• Instantly recognized and trusted.

• Proves our member’s education and employment history is true.

• Displayed on our member’s resumes and LinkedIn pages.

• Provides a link to our member’s VerifiedHire Profiles.

The VerifiedHire Profile

• Instantly accessed by anyone who reads our member’s resumes or visits our member’s LinkedIn pages.         

• Displays our member’s education & employment history, college transcript, and employer reviews.

Who We Sell To


VerifiedHire plans on specifically targeting job seekers and professional networkers with a bachelor’s degree or higher, making VerifiedHire’s target market 55 Million People [2]. The VerifiedHire target market consists of 4 segments:  new graduate job seekers, unemployed job seekers, employed job seekers, and professional networkers.




VerifiedHire plans on implementing advertising and promotional campaigns in order to reach its target market. Advertising campaigns include text link ads, banner ads, email ads, print ads, and postcard ads. Promotional campaigns include press releases, informational pages, promotional websites, promotional videos, social media campaigns, free memberships to new graduates, mass job applications, journalist inquires, career service employee inquires, job fairs, trade shows, and promotional products.




VerifiedHire plans using provisional patents, trademarks, copyrights, and non-compete agreements to limit competition. VerifiedHire has no direct competitors, as there are currently no other companies operating a network for sharing college transcripts and employer reviews. However, the potential for competition exists, as various companies could create a network for sharing college transcripts and employer reviews and market the service to their current customers. VerifiedHire has identified the following companies as potential competitors: LinkedIn, employment websites, screening companies, and other startup companies.




VerifiedHire has the potential for substantial growth in both customers and services. New customers include international job seekers and networkers, college applicants, and employers. New services include job listings, a resume search engine, resume writing services, background checks, and drug testing.


Management & Personnel


Adam Fike is the Founder & CEO of VerifiedHire. He will oversee the daily operations and ensure that the company’s objectives and strategic goals are met. In order to build the VerifiedHire website, VerifiedHire will hire a Lead Software Engineer and various supporting Software Engineers as needed. Shortly after launching the website, VerifiedHire will hire a Marketing Manager, Customer Service Representatives, and an Administrative Assistant. As the company grows, VerifiedHire will hire a CFO, Sales Associates, additional Customer Service Representatives, and additional Software Engineers.


Financial Summary


VerifiedHire is a high margin, low cost, annual subscription business model. The business model also requires little to no supporting staff, as the businesses processes are automated and outsourced. Therefore, VerifiedHire plans on posting a net profit shortly after launching the website.